You have a question about re.flex? Contact us.
You have a question about re.flex? Contact us.

Preventative care for lower back pain

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Clinical grade exercise assistant

Elevate your patients’ training experience with our clinical-grade exercise assistant. Backed by rigorous testing and expert guidance, our solution ensures that your patients’ journey to recovery is precise, effective, and in safe hands.

Motivate your patients

Our approach goes beyond treatment; We keep your patients motivated throughout their recovery journey. With real-time assistance and a focus on their well-being, we inspire them to stay committed and achieve their training goals.

Preventative option

A physical therapy program that is suited for patients which need it for prolongue amount of time. Thea easiness of scaling it on a large patient flow makes re.flex unique for healthcare providers.

Enhancing Exercise Accessibility for Lower Back Pain

Within the movement pillar, physical therapy stands as the sole available option. However, for individuals suffering from lower back pain, traditional rehabilitation protocols pose challenges. These protocols demand prolonged physical therapy sessions, leading to difficulties in commuting to and from the clinic, resulting in decreased adherence and increased dropout rates.

Through re.flex, we strive to offer our patients convenient, enjoyable, and efficient exercise solutions. Our protocol targets individuals aged between 30 and 75 years, utilizing exercises widely acknowledged as a standard practice by reputable German universities.

Academically proven accuracy

re.flex is the only commercial and academically validated 2-sensor solution able to provide a 3-dimensional experience. Analyzing up 12 vital metrics of the knee and hip in real time, we stand as the most accurate digital physical therapy assistant, proven with Charite University Hospital in 2019 and Offenburg University in 2022.

re.flex is actively engaged in advancing orthopedic research by participating in the PROTO consortium. This consortium, funded by the EU Horizon, focuses on creating interventional approaches to address the onset and advancement of osteoarthritis (OA).

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Über re.flex

re.flex ist der präzieseste digitale Therapeuten auf dem Markt. re.flex hilft Dir, Knie-, Hüft-, und Kreuzschmerzen effektiv und nachhaltig zu behandeln. Die Wirkung ist messbar und in wissenschaftlichen Studien nachgewiesen. Unsere Technologie macht Dir die Übungen nicht nur vor, sondern hilft Dir auch mit aktiver, direkter, Rückmeldung, wenn Du Dir einmal nicht ganz bist. Mit re.flex linderst Du deine Schmerzen und gewinnst Lebensqualität zurück.

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