You have a question about re.flex? Contact us.
You have a question about re.flex? Contact us.

Digital therapies.

re.flex Fast Facts. For gonathrosis.

8 - 12

weeks rehabilitation programs


More than 90 different exercises.


Audio-visual instruction with instant feedback for execution control.

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Strategic partnerships

re.flex is collaborating with Sporlastic , a leading orthoses manufacturer in Germany with a remarkable 150-year tradition. Together, we’re making strides in the German orthopedic market, with our knee osteoarthritis prevention product successfully completing two medical studies.

But that’s not all – we’re also actively developing solutions with potential new German strategic partners for ACL, TKR, THR, Hip Osteoarthritis, and lower back pain.

We are looking for countries with DTx reimbursement pathways, including France and the United States. If you represent a hospital chain, distributor, or health insurance company, we would like to connect. Let’s get in touch!

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Our patented sensor kit.

Our patented sensor kit.

One app and two sensors for more safety.

With our product, we support gonarthrosis patients through a therapeutic training program. The special thing about our product is that it is not just an app.
We have developed a special sensor kit so that we can give you the best possible guidance and help you if you are not quite sure how to perform the movement.
This means that we can give you immediate feedback on whether you are performing the exercise correctly. You get our feedback both visually in 3D and acoustically.

Studies & Research.

Discover our knowledge base.

Upcoming products preview

Explore our comprehensive suite of orthopedic prevention and rehabilitation solutions tailored for diverse needs, including Total Knee Replacement, Total Hip Replacement, Lower Back Pain, and ACL physical therapy exercise support.

These products are designed to address specific orthopedic affections, offering effective solutions for enhanced mobility and accelerated recovery.

Frequently Asked Questions

 re.flex is a digital exercise assistant designed for covering both pre & post operative use cases of patients with ACL, meniscus, total knee & total hip replacement and also preventative care cases for knee & hip osteoarthritis and lower back pain.

With 2 motion sensors and a 2-3 month digital training program as a patient you are guaranteed to ensure an improved exercise control throughout your physical therapy journey.

The patented sensor technology specially developed for exercise therapy enables meticulously precise recording of your movements and provides you with almost instantaneous feedback on the quality and quantity of your movements.

The movement visualization sequences are shown in real-time as 3D animation in the re.flex app. The 2-sensor technology ensures reliable angle measurement.

  • Pain reduction and an increase in quality of life – confirmed by studies
  • The possibility of full cost coverage by statutory health insurance and most private health insurance companies in all major healthcare markets.
  • With re.flex as a digital training assistant, the patient is no longer left alone when exercising at home
  • Providing digital assisted physical therapy before surgery
  • Post-surgery programs specially designed for the assessment and the recovery the range of motion (ROM)
  • Safe and correct exercise execution – feedback based on objective measurement compared to other training apps gives the patient confidence in the execution of the exercise and enables sovereignty over one’s own course of therapy, independent of the availability of an exercise therapist
  • No more uncertainty as to whether the exercises are being performed correctly. re.flex provides immediate audio-visual feedback on the quality of the exercises performed.
  • High training fidelity – the objective feedback and the playful interaction concept can have a positive effect on the patient’s motivation
  • re.flex can facilitate the patient’s access to therapy. re.flex can be prescribed as a complementary measure to e.g. physiotherapy. In practice, appointment bottlenecks, difficult accessibility of the physiotherapist, etc. can occur time and again. With re.flex, the patient can train at any time and any place (with an internet connection).

re.flex is currently available in the UK and Germany with local partners in the orthopedic industry, which have the necessary resources to provide customer service for patients, but also assistance to doctors that are willing to prescribe re.flex for the benefit of their patients.

The effectiveness of re.flex has been validated in several clinical studies in Germany. After 12 weeks of training, re.flex showed a significant reduction in knee pain for patients diagnosed with gonarthrosis.

Health improvement:

  • Reduction of pain (KOOS pain)
  • Reducing Difficulty in Activities of Daily Living (KOOS ADL)

The guided exercises in sports and movement therapy are aimed at stabilizing the affected knee joint and reducing abnormal joint loads by improving muscular stabilization, which leads to a reduction in the pain felt and an increase in functionality.

re.flex is a class I medical device and is compliant with the ISO 27001 standard for information security. The accuracy of the device was first validated in 2019, with Charite Hospital in Berlin (Germany), resulting in a 4% average deviation from the Gold Standard of motion tracking movement, which means a very good result. Later on, in 2022, a second accuracy validation study was completed with Offenburg Univeristy, with comparable results being recorded.

The safety of re.flex has been validated in several clinical studies. The re.flex training program for gonarthrosis was developed in cooperation with the sports medicine department of the University Hospital in Tübingen.


  • iPhone (ab iPhone 6), iPad (ab iPad 5), iPad Pro, iPad Air (ab iPad Air 2) und iPad mini (ab iPad mini 2)
  • iOS 12/Ipad OS13


  • Android 5+
About re.flex

re.flex is the most precise digital therapist on the market. re.flex helps you treat knee, hip, and low back pain effectively and sustainably. The effect is measurable and proven in scientific studies. Our technology not only demonstrates the exercises to you, but also helps you with active, direct, feedback if you are not quite sure. With re.flex you relieve your pain and regain quality of life.

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