Physical therapy made simple.

re.flex is the most accurate digital assistant for MSK physical therapy on the market. It helps you treat your knee, hip and lower back pain effectively and lasting, using validated exercise protocols. With proven results in reducing pain and improving the quality of life, re.flex offers instant 3D feedback to help you exercise correctly.

sensor illustration app physical therapy made simple

Most accurate 2-sensor solution

Validated at Charite University Hospital in Berlin for accuracy, with less than 4° deviation from the Gold Standard for 3D motion tracking.

certified product physical therapy made simple app

Safe to use medical product

Pending approval for public reimbursement in Germany, though DiGA. Professional review by ORCHA in UK with 87% score. CE mark class 1 medical device.

effectiveness proven by scientific studies digital assistant app

Results proved in medical studies

Tübingen University proved that re.flex has a significant impact in treating knee osteoarthritis, using evidence-based exercises backed by 40 years of research.

3d technology awards app

Innovative 3d technology awards

re.flex won multiple prizes including the IOT Innovation World Cup 2019 in Munich and the prestigious Seal of Excellence from Horizon.

re.flex unlocks pre and post knee & hip surgery rehabilitation

Knee Osteoarthritis

Chronic knee pain can severely restrict the quality of life. re.flex aims to help you reduce perceived pain following a systematic movement protocol.

be independent with phyisical therapy made simple re flex app


Learn how to handle your osteoarthritis related joint pain while taking your therapy process into your own hands.

physical digital assistant anywhere anytime with reflex help app reflex

Anywhere, anytime

Train in your personal time and space frame, independent of healthcare constraints like appointment or therapist shortage.

get better with your digital assistant re flex app

Get better

Improve your chances of postponing total knee replacement (TKR) surgery by exercising regularly following a cutting edge rehab protocol.

sensors strapped to the leg reflex help phisical therapy

Sensors strapped to the leg

reflex help therapy made simple

The standard version of re.flex. Small packing size, ideal for minimalists and for travelling.

Sensors mounted to an orthosis reflex help

Sensors mounted to an orthosis

In cooperation with our partner Sporlastic in Germany we offer this special edition for patients using an orthosis. The orthosis gives you support and stabilises your leg during the exercise.

Available only in Germany

Other Products

Your digital exercise personal assistant

save time with reflex help app digital assistant

Save time by training anywhere you want

Win your patients with exclusive access to latest technology.

cutting edge technology with reflex help phyisical therapy made simple

Cutting edge technology

Get the most accurate feedback on exercises with cutting edge sensor technology.

extensive training report with reflex help digital assistant

Extensive training reports

Your exercise track record is evaluated and provided to you in a human-readable form.

high quality product reflex help digital assistant

Highest quality therapy

We developed a program based on the latest research in physical therapy.

get better in 12 week program reflex help digital assistant

12 week program

Over the course of 12 weeks you get 5 training sessions per week for optimal exercise load.

pandemic proof reflex help digital assistant

Pandemic Proof

Train at home, telerehabilitation is efficient, convenient and fun.

Exercising at home with instant feedback

The most vigilant exercise assistant you can get

Two 3D motion sensors attached to your leg measure your movements meticulously. Your leg movement is detected in space on all 3 axes.

Not just a series of video tutorials

The system provides you with immediate acoustic and visual feedback on your performance, shows you how to do the exercise and gives you corrective advice.
home physical therapy tutorail re flex physical therapy made simple

Industry strategic partners

Empowering orthopedic companies and payers in launching their own digital rehabilitation service. Just like physical therapy is interconnected across the medical industry, re.flex digital-assisted home exercise plans are integrated to support many use-cases for pre-surgery, post surgery and prevention.

An easy way to integrate home exercise plans into the knee osteoarthritis brace. With re.flex sensors inside, Sporlastic launched the most performant smart knee brace available on the market right now. From concept to implementation, everything was ready for the reimbursement application in less than 1 year.

Digital physiotherapy has many advantages for patients, doctors and payers. NN Insurance is among the first private insurance companies to seize this opportunity and unlock this value for their customers.

re.flex positive health impact proven

A 2021 randomized controlled study, conducted by the Dr. Inga Krauss from Tübingen University, showed the significant impact of the re.flex system in treating medium to advanced knee osteoarthritis.

re.flex compared against the Vicon Gold Standard

Achieving the highest level of medical precision was our first major technological milestone. After committing thousands of hours to develop the motion tracking algorithm, we tested the sensors against the Gold Standard of the human motion tracking measurements, at Charite University Hospital’s musculoskeletal analysis laboratory.

Patients Love re.flex

❝ Without this system I wouldn’t be able to do the exercises as precisely as I was assisted on how to do it by re.flex. This device was an absolute motivation. ❞
inge r happy client reflex help digital assistant for physical therapy re flex
Inge Riepl, 57
❝ It's so flexible on your own schedule. It gives you 24/7 access to a virtual physio. I could essentially build up my strength without seeing a physiotherapist face to face. ❞
chris brown happy client virtual physio with reflex help physical therapy
Chris Brown, 27
Helps you communicate with your physio, track your progress and stay motivated. Seeing how this technology improved my rehabilitation process was invaluable.
iohn bilton satisfied client re flex help rehabilitation process virtual physio therapy made simple
John Bilton, 34
I became more disciplined. It helped me a lot as I couldn’t get to a normal physio. I’ve used it to prepare for the surgery and be back in shape faster.
colin brown satisfied client therapy made simple virtual physio re flex
Colin Brown, 63
The app was useful and everything I did was monitored and recorded. I really liked it because I was able to do my recovery at home, without traveling from one point to another.
maria satisfied client app phyisical therapy made simple
Maria Andreina, 19
I was able to do the physical therapy at home and fully recover, without having to travel for an hour just to reach the nearest physiotherapy clinic. Every day I was saving 4-5 hours.
mihaela satisfied client therapy at home physical therapy made simple
Mihaela Iaurum, 37
❝ I am about to show you what can be achieved through rehab with the re.flex sensors. ❞
Colin Brown, 63
❝ I’ve stopped taking medicine after using re.flex. Now I can dance and walk without pain. I didn’t believed these results can be possible in such a short amount of time. ❞
daniela happy client satisfied reflex help app re flex
Daniela Ignat, 49


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