You have a question about re.flex? Contact us.
You have a question about re.flex? Contact us.
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Rehab. At home.

re.flex is your digital therapist for knee pain. With re.flex, you regain the quality of life, at home, independently, and wherever you want. Our patented sensor kit helps you effectively and sustainably fight osteoarthritis-related knee pain, achieving measurable results in pain reduction.


Put on.



With instructions
and direct feedback.


Exercise with a certified medical device and specialized sensor technology to postpone or completely avoid knee or total knee replacement, if possible.


Take control of the therapy process for treating your joint pain into your own hands. Decide when and how you want to train – without an appointment and without waiting times.


Decide for yourself where you want to train, at home, on vacation, during your lunch break, or in the garden – in any case without travel and where you like it.

Our patented sensor kit.

Our patented sensor kit.

One app and two sensors for more safety.

With our product, we support gonarthrosis patients through a therapeutic training program. The special thing about our product is that it is not just an app.
We have developed a special sensor kit so that we can give you the best possible guidance and help you if you are not quite sure how to perform the movement.
This means that we can give you immediate feedback on whether you are performing the exercise correctly. You get our feedback both visually in 3D and acoustically.

What patients say about re.flex.

We asked patients what their experiences with re.flex were.
Inge Riepl, 57

Without this system I would not be able to do the exercises as precisely as I was taught by re.flex. This device was an absolute motivation.

John Bilton, 34

It helps you communicate with your physiotherapist, track your progress and stay motivated. Seeing how this technology has improved my rehabilitation process has been invaluable.

Colin Brown, 63

I became more disciplined. It helped me a lot because I couldn’t go to a normal physiotherapist. I used it to prepare for the surgery and get back in shape faster.

Upcoming products preview

Explore our comprehensive suite of orthopedic prevention and rehabilitation solutions tailored for diverse needs, including Total Knee Replacement, Total Hip Replacement, Lower Back Pain, and ACL physical therapy exercise support.

These products are designed to address specific orthopedic affections, offering effective solutions for enhanced mobility and accelerated recovery.

Frequently Asked Questions

re.flex is a digital exercise assistant designed to cover both pre and post-operative use cases for patients with ACL, total knee, and total hip replacement, as well as preventative care cases for knee, hip osteoarthritis, and lower back pain.

With 2 motion sensors and a 2-3 month digital training program, as a patient, you are guaranteed to achieve improved exercise control throughout your physical therapy journey.

The patented sensor technology, specially developed for exercise therapy, enables meticulously precise recording of your movements and provides you with almost instantaneous feedback on the quality and quantity of your movements.

The movement visualization sequences are shown in real-time as 3D animation in the Re.flex app.The 2-sensor technology ensures reliable angle measurement.

The effectiveness of re.flex has been validated in several clinical studies in Germany. After 12 weeks of training, re.flex showed a significant reduction in knee pain for patients diagnosed with gonarthrosis.

Health improvement:

  • Reduction of pain (KOOS pain)
  • Reducing Difficulty in Activities of Daily Living (KOOS ADL)

The guided exercises in sports and movement therapy aim to stabilize the affected knee joint and reduce abnormal joint loads by improving muscular stabilization, leading to a reduction in pain and an increase in functionality.

Re.flex is a class I medical device and is compliant with the ISO 27001 standard for information security. The accuracy of the device was first validated in 2019 at Charite Hospital in Berlin (Germany), resulting in a 4% average deviation from the Gold Standard of motion tracking movement, indicating a very good result. Later, in 2022, a second accuracy validation study was completed with Offenburg University, recording comparable results.

The safety of re.flex has been validated in several clinical studies. The re.flex training program for gonarthrosis was developed in cooperation with the sports medicine department of the University Hospital in Tübingen.

re.flex is available right now in UK (self referral or private hospitals) and Germany

Patients in other countries can’t get re.flex at the moment


  • iPhone (ab iPhone 6), iPad (ab iPad 5), iPad Pro, iPad Air (ab iPad Air 2) und iPad mini (ab iPad mini 2)
  • iOS 12/Ipad OS13


  • Android 7+

Together for a pain-free life.

re.flex and Sporlastic have joined forces to revolutionize the German orthopedic and rehabilitation market. Our innovative knee osteoarthritis prevention product has successfully completed two medical studies with Tubingen University .

By joining forces with key industry partners, our aim is to develop solutions for ACL, TKR, THR, Hip Osteoarthritis, and lower back pain, following a public reimbursement strategy.

Additionally, we are exploring opportunities to expand to countries like France and the United States with DTx reimbursement pathways.

If you represent a hospital chain, distributor, or health insurance company, let’s connect and collaborate for transformative healthcare solutions.

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About re.flex

re.flex is the most precise digital therapist on the market. re.flex helps you treat knee, hip, and low back pain effectively and sustainably. The effect is measurable and proven in scientific studies. Our technology not only demonstrates the exercises to you, but also helps you with active, direct, feedback if you are not quite sure. With re.flex you relieve your pain and regain quality of life.

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